domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Hu Yaoyu contra Lee Chang-ho

La siguiente partida se dará en la primera ronda de la 11º Samsung Cup entre el coreano Lee Chang-ho y el jugador chino Hu Yaoyu.

Lee Chang-ho ha sido considerado el jugador más fuerte entre el 1996 hasta el 2005, año tras el cual no ha vuelto a conseguir el título de la Samsung Cup. Como ya dije, esta partida es de la 11º edición, en la cual acabará llegando a la final pero pierde contra Chang Hao por 2-0.

De Hu Yaoyu no tengo mucho conocimiento, sólo puedo decir que ha ganado diversos títulos y creo que continua como 8p.

La partida que jugaron entre los dos y la tengo en el ordenador comentada (tal como dije que tenía partidas aquí):

(; GM[1]FF[4]VW[]AP[Many Faces of Go:11.0] SZ[19] HA[0] ST[0] PB[Lee Changho] PW[Hu Yaoyu] DT[2006-09-06] KM[6.5] RE[B+R] SO[] EV[11th Samsung Cup, round 1] BR[9p] WR[8p];B[qd] C[This is the game from the 1st round of the 11th Samsung Cup. \ Black is Lee Changho, 9-dan (Korea). White is Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan \ (China)] ;W[dq] C[Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan is always a hard opponent for Lee. Their recent \ score is 4-4.] ;B[pq];W[dd];B[fc];W[hc];B[oc];W[po] ;B[pl] C[Black may also think about the attachment at X] MA[qo] (;W[oq] C[Nowadays this move is very popular in China -] (;B[or] C[Black is trying to keep the game simple. He can also fight actively \ by playing at A or B -] LB[pp:B][op:A] ;W[op] (;B[nr] C[The right answer -] ;W[qq] (;B[qr] C[Black may also connect at X -] MA[pr] ;W[pp];B[pr] (;W[lp] C[The right decision -] ;B[rq] C[An urgent move. We can say, that the result is about equal] ;W[cf] C[White can also extend at A or attach at B] LB[fd:B][kc:A] ;B[jc];W[co] C[Tennuki is rather unusual. White must think about defending at \ X] MA[ec] ;B[fe];W[db];B[id] C[Black got a powerful shape and has nothing to complain] ;W[ph] C[It is also possible to attach at X first, but White was probably \ afraid of the pincer] MA[qe] ;B[pj] (;W[qe] C[A tesuji, but the plan is damaging -] ;B[pe];W[pf];B[oe];W[rd];B[re];W[qf];B[rc];W[of] ;B[ne] C[Black's construction is extra-strong] ;W[mg];B[mk];W[ip];B[eb] C[A large move] ;W[ec];B[fb];W[dj];B[cb] C[Black can also invade at X] MA[eo] (;W[dl] C[A passive move -] ;B[dr] C[The standard probe] ;W[er];B[rf] C[A good move, attacking White's group and defending his own dragon \ at the same time] ;W[lf];B[mi];W[rg];B[rh];W[sf] ;B[sd];W[qh];B[ri] C[Now Black's group is much stronger than White's] ;W[ke];B[ld];W[ie];B[hd];W[lj];B[lk];W[kq] ;B[kj] C[A solid move, typical for Lee Changho, 9-dan] ;W[hm];B[eq];W[cr];B[dp];W[cq];B[fr];W[ds];B[kg] C[The vital point. Black's plan is clear. He is trying to reduce \ White's moyo by attacking] ;W[qj] ;B[rj];W[lh];B[jh];W[jf] C[It is really painful for White to survive like this] ;B[iq] C[The invasion is brilliant] ;W[hp] C[Too passive! White has to fight here by blocking at X] MA[jq] ;B[jq];W[jp];B[mq];W[mp] ;B[kr] C[Black is happy to connect his group in sente] ;W[hr];B[di] C[Another probe] ;W[ej];B[nf];W[ng];B[lg];W[mh];B[ni];W[mf] ;B[hg];W[ki];B[ji];W[jj];B[kk];W[ig];B[hh];W[hf];B[fg];W[ih] ;B[ii];W[hi];B[jg];W[if];B[fh] C[Now White is in trouble. I cannot find the way to survive] ;W[oj];B[oi];W[jk];B[jl];W[ik] ;B[hj];W[gi];B[fi] C[It seems that White missed this answer] (;W[qk] C[White cannot save the cutting stones -] ;B[qi];W[pi];B[pk] C[Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan resigned here, because his group cannot be saved.] ) (;W[gj];B[gk] (;W[fj];B[il];W[hk];B[hl] C[White cannot fight here] ) (;W[hk];B[fj];W[ij];B[gh];W[hj];B[hl] C[This variation is not working too] ))) (;W[kk] C[I would prefer to defend the moyo by attacking] )) (;W[nh];B[mk];W[lh] C[Is it better to escape like this, keeping the invasions on the \ top for future?] )) (;W[rq];B[kq];W[qm];B[ql];W[pm];B[ol] C[It is usually heavy for White to survive like this] )) (;B[pr];W[qo];B[mp];W[rl];B[iq] C[It is hard to decide, which plan is better] )) (;B[nq];W[nr];B[mr];W[pr];B[ns];W[qq] C[This is the wrong way. The marked stone would be too close to \ the strong group] TR[pl] )) (;B[op];W[pp];B[nq];W[or];B[qq];W[pr];B[rp];W[nr];B[np] ;W[mq];B[on] C[This is the most active plan] )) (;W[mp];B[oo];W[on];B[no];W[pp];B[nq];W[qq];B[oq];W[nn] ;B[mo];W[rp];B[iq] C[This is the most common pattern] ))

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